Sunday, July 14, 2013

Miniature Cactus Garden

This is probably the simplest and cutest little thing ever. The DIY took me literally five minutes. It may have taken me a little bit longer to get all of the materials and supplies, but I finally did it!
The only supplies that you need are some cacti and/or succulents, river rocks, and a dish. I found this cute vintage one. You could also use a teacup or any other small dish as long as it fits all of your plants. That was my biggest issue. I had the idea of using a teacup but then I found myself with three plants that would not fit in any of the teacups that I found.  
The first and probably most important step is to put some rocks in the bottom of the dish. This helps with the draining of water because the plants are much more likely to drown than "dehydrate" (I have no idea if you can actually use that word to describe a plant..). Keep this in mind when watering, they only will need to be watered about once a month. (I've decided that I will water them when I change my contacts.)
The next step is to transplant the cacti into your dish. There may be too much soil with all of them together, this happened to me but I just dumped a little out.
And finally, cover the soil with river rocks!
I love my new little cactus garden! It's so fun. Will you add some low maintenance plants to your home?

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  1. so cute! :) i just a new succulent that i'm totally smitten with, so low maintenance and pretty! thanks for sharing, I just might have to add a cactus to my house!


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