Saturday, August 24, 2013

Headband Holder DIY

The number of times that I've heard "treat your jewelry as though it were art" is so large that I don't even want to try to figure out what it is. I do, however, truly believe this. I love finding new ways to store and display jewelry. This time, I was searching for a way to display my headbands. Many may not consider headbands to be jewelry, but I think that they can really enhance an outfit and work as jewelry. And this is the perfect way to store that jewelry.
Guess what is the perfect container to use? An oatmeal cylinder. It fits headbands very nicely and is not hard to come across. You'll also needs magazines (I don't think I used all of these, my favorite magazines to use are Vogue and Instyle whenever searching for fashion images), mod podge, a foam paint brush, and 4 different sized cardboard squares, 1", 2", 3", and 4" squares are the sizes that I used.
I went through some of the magazines and picked out black and white images that I like. I chose to use only black and white so that it fit better with my decor, but you can use any colors or all the colors you like! Then on that image, pick out your favorite square and the size of the square.
Trace on the square using a sharpie. Then cut out the square and repeat.
I cut out quite a few squares just because there were so many good images! I ended up using about thirty of them so feel free to cut out as you plan out where they will go on the cylinder.
Using the dimensions of your container, mine was 16" by 9", lay out your images and plan where they will go.
Then using the mod podge, paste the images onto your cylinder. TIP: Put your image on from one side and smooth and you put it down, don't put the whole thing down at once or else you will get wrinkles. Also, I started all around the top and then moved down layer by layer. Don't worry if they over lap, just as long as the lines are straight and you can't see the background.
Then put another layer of mod podge on top of those images. In case if you have never used mod podge before, it dries clear don't worry. I ended up using three coats just so that it was completely smooth.
And you're finished!
The headbands that fit best on it are those that are not elastic at all. However any that are elastic and go completely around your head, I used a clip on the back to hold them in place seeing as they are larger than the cylinder.

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