Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Milan Fashion Week, Spring 2014 RTW

As we progress through the fashion weeks, I'd say my favorite thing to watch is the slight differences in the street style. I feel that as the fashion gets more couture, the shoes get a little bit weirder. Perhaps not weirder, but you certainly see some more interesting kicks.

It's the same as before, the designer's name is before the looks. Enjoy.

Was I the only one who thought Gucci really dropped the ball...I wasn't a huge fan.

Max Mara

Ports 1961

Francesco Scognamiglio

Emporio Armani
95 looks Armani, really?



Who wouldn't wear these pants though?


Can I suggest looking at the details pictures on style.com because this collection is much more beautiful if you look at it close up. The beading is beautiful!



Phillip Plein


Marco de Vincenzo


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