Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lamp Shade Restyle

This lamp has been in my sister's room for as long as I can remember. She recently redecorated and loved the base of the lamp, however the shade did not quite fit the new style (to say the least). For many months, we shopped around for a new shade, yet we were unable to find the right top. She needed one that just hooked onto the bulb but every one we found had to screw onto the lamp under the bulb. So finally, she decided she would just try to restyle to old one.
For supplies all that you'll need is a lampshade (obviously), a hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, and ribbon, we needed two rolls of ribbon. We also used relatively thick ribbon and I would recommend using thick ribbon but that's not to say you can use smaller ribbon, it just would be a bit more tedious.
1. For the first step, begin by measuring a piece of ribbon that is a couple inches longer than your lamp, and cut. 2. Then glue down the top of the ribbon on the inside of the lamp shade.
3. On the other side of the lampshade, glue the bottom of the ribbon. Don't use any glue on the outside of the lampshade because it will show through when the lamp is on because the ribbon is not very thick and can sometimes be transparent. 4. Then glue a second ribbon three fourths of the way on the previous ribbon at the top, however at the bottom, do not overlap, lay next to each other so that you can't see any of the lampshade. You'll need to do this because the top is smaller than the bottom and without this step, there will be gaps in the ribbon.
5. Continue around the lampshade.
Ta-da! You now have a "new-looking" lampshade.

If you lamp needs a little more help that just a new lampshade, I always suggest just spray painting the base white because everyone knows everything looks better in white :)

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